The Deep & Rich History Of The Crow Indians

Just below Billings, Montana sits the sprawling reservation lands of the Crow Indians. The tribal headquarters is officially situated at Crow Agency, a small stop along the road in Big Horn County. Yes, you’ll likely recognize that name from the epic tale of General George Custer and his humbling defeat at the hands of Lakota Sioux and Cheyenne warriors in June of 1876.

That now-famous battle was just one in a war that eventually saw the US Army defeat famous Sioux chiefs like Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse and the Cheyenne Indians who fought alongside them. But it was a complex struggle – one that saw Crow Tribe warriors join forces with the US Army.

In fact, famous Crow scouts (White Man Runs Him & Curley) were assigned to Custer’s ill-fated army but had been sent to the rear and were able to survive the Little Big Horn catastrophe.